Watch Revenge online to learn the identity of the man after David Clarke! Will Emily and David get to him before he gets to them?

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Emily continues torturing David Clarke's attacker on Revenge Season 4 Episode 9. He reveals that he was hired to do a job and doesn't know who's in charge of the operation. Later, David uses him to send a message to the man who held him captive for 10 years.

Nolan and Margaux continue working together to expose Louise Ellis, but when Louise realizes what Nolan is up to, she confronts him. His conscience gets in the way of his ability to continue on with their plan, so he backs out of his arrangement with Margaux.

Victoria believes that information is being hidden from her. Watch Revenge online to see how she figures it out!

Emily goes on a date with Ben, but it's really a fact-finding mission. As he spills his life's secrets to her, she only asks about his boss. The date goes South when he leans in to kiss her and she stops him.

Jack, meanwhile, is heating things up with the FBI agent sent to investigate Conrad Grayson's murder. He decides to live a little and shows up to her hotel room not knowing he's in over his head.

Episode Details

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 9, Nolan offers up some information in order to salvage his reputation while Emily and Victoria continue with their rivalry.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (45 Votes)
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Revenge Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Margaux: You're just like your father and mine. You do what you please and ask for forgiveness later. I need a man who doesn't make rash decisions.
Daniel: Really? Because you had that with Jack Porter and you needed more.

Louise: Are you sure you're not from the South? Because you take care of your friends like family.
Nolan: Well, my friends are my family.