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Emily and Victoria discover that information is the most dangerous weapon on Revenge Season 4 Episode 9. Emily continues her torturous interrogation of one of the men who attacked David Clarke but is interrupted when Ben rings her doorbell to ask her out. She turns him down.

Jack and Agent Taylor continue to hit it off and he walks her to her hotel room. Just as they're about to go inside, she gets a call that David was attacked. He manages to have Victoria released from the hospital and escorted to the beach house. Once the police chief leaves, Victoria tells David that she wants the life they deserve with Amanda in it.

Emily returns to her torture chamber and learns that someone with connections hired them. Jack and Agent Taylor arrive at the interrogation room only to discover that the second assailant has committed suicide.

Nolan sidles up to Louise at the club in order to keep her close before burning her and tells Margaux to look into the death of Mr. Ellis. Later, after a visit from David, he begins to piece together that Emily is hiding something from them.

Daniel tries to win Margaux back with breakfast, then he gets a visit from his mother wherein she tells him she's in love with David and will do whatever it takes to have peace and a new life with David. She vows not to lose him.

Victoria visits Chief Alvarez and learns that they caught Conrad's killer and advises her to stay away from David for the time being. She senses something is wrong. When she talks to David, she realizes that they have trust issues.

Emily arrives home to learn that her captive has escaped thanks to Nolan. He tells her he won't help her torture people and that no one else will either. She turns to Ben for information. When Ben tries to kiss her, she stops him forcefully. That, coupled with her repeated questions about Alvarez tells him he was being used.

Nolan helps David find one of his attackers so he can deliver a message. Victoria delivers a different message but ultimately to the same person.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Margaux: You're just like your father and mine. You do what you please and ask for forgiveness later. I need a man who doesn't make rash decisions.
Daniel: Really? Because you had that with Jack Porter and you needed more.

Louise: Are you sure you're not from the South? Because you take care of your friends like family.
Nolan: Well, my friends are my family.