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At the beginning of Revenge Season 4 Episode 7, Emily breaks into David's house to steal something hidden in the floorboards. Then she calls Nolan to her house so that they can determine whether or not David killed Conrad Grayson and if so, why he stayed hidden for so many years.

Daniel mulls over the information Charlotte gave him concerning Emily while Margaux prepares to play tennis with Louise. Louise proves to be less stable than previously thought, but Margaux is on to her.

Jack calls Emily to tell her that he found the double infinity symbol carved into Mostrowski's garage. David shows up at the police station to meet with Jack and Jack tells him that Nolan was a good friend to Amanda, as was Emily Thorne.

Daniel reveals to Victoria that he knows Emily and Charlotte are sisters and wonders why no one told him before that point. 

Jack and Ben discover the body of Charlotte's dead friend and on the table newspaper clippings about the Grayson family, along with a knife that matches the description of the one used to kill Conrad Grayson. Jack believes the timing is suspicious.

When David comes to Emily to ask about Amanda, Emily guards herself against revealing the truth. She doesn't know that she can trust David and keeps up the ruse that she was Amanda's best friend. David questions Victoria about how she helped Amanda in his absence and she makes excuses. Later, she pays off one of Amanda's former coworkers.

Emily and Nolan plan to break into David's safe deposit box but Daniel stops Emily on an elevator with the reveal that he knows her true identity. All he wants is to be left out of whatever she has planned. She tells him that at one time there were real feelings between the two of them, but his decision to cooperate with his father ruined that.

She steals a jump drive from the bank and finds images of Jack and Amanda on it. This provokes her to reveal herself to David Clarke.



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