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This week on Revenge ...

  • Nolan and Padma grow closer as she continues auditing his financial history and we learn that his father has passed away, and that the younger Ross has a lot of pent-up emotions and memories.
  • Daniel thinks Ashley is playing him and keeping tabs on him for Conrad. He shows two can play at that game.
  • Jack's being set up to fail in terms of repaying Dec's debt by the guy he robbed, who's plotting to buy the Stowaway.
  • Emily plays Kara's voicemail for Aiden. He tells her the Initiative is going to be all over Kara and she needs to be prepared for what she'll find.
  • Emily stops by Nolan's office to see if he hacked into the Grayson's security system (he did), and has Amanda try to pry info out of Victoria.
  • Using the journals as bait, Amanda begins to make Victoria crack - the Ice Queen then throws a baby shower for her in hopes of turning the tables.
  • Emily gives Amanda a stroller, and Victoria gives her a baby journal — with a check for $100,000. Victoria takes Amanda upstairs to talk, and Emily quickly hides to coach her.
  • She has Amanda show Victoria the visitor log. Victoria says Kara tried to kill her and that lying was better than revealing the unspeakable truth. Things grow heated and Amanda falls off the balcony, unconscious.
  • Aiden tracks down Kara, who we learn was married to the White-Haired Man, and she outsmarts him and ties him up, setting off to look for her husband, when she hears about the accident at Grayson Manor.
  • At the hospital, Amanda ends up in an induced coma, and the baby's in the NICU. Emily finds Kara at Amanda's bedside and remembers her trying to drown her.
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extra special to me, since Amanda is my couisn. It seems like just yesterday I was shooting their engagement photos I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a ton of fun shooting, visiting, and


Watch Revenge Season 2 Episode 4 Summary:
Playing with the Graysons is definitely playing with fire, and Amanda learns that the hard way. Meanwhile Emily and Aiden each get blindsided, and the wheels start turning as Daniel begins to take matters into his own hands.


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It really feels like Nolan and Emily are growing apart. Emily is with Aiden and Nolan with Padma.
I still want Emiel/Demily to happen!! (idk what their name combined is)


I totally agree with Drea XOXO!! Emily/Amanda should focus on her friendship with Nolan. It looks like they're growing apart or something...also because of that new girl at Nolans work. Don't make Emily/Amanda and Nolan grow apart. Please!! They are a great team.


I whole-heartedly agree with Drea XOXO! I cannot WAIT until Jack finally learns the truth about who the REAL Amanda Clark is!!! Mike Kelley, its time to open Jack's eyes about everything. (Just like "poor Spaniel's" eyes were opened more last season.)


Baby lost-- Amanda will now have reason to seek REVENGE on Victoria and as a result she will be tighter with Emily in this retribution!

Drea xoxo

i'm glad they made daniel finally see everything and not be so naiive! i think it will be a shame if he does all this progression to end up with emily/amanda again! i feel that emily/amanda should be with no one and just focus on her friendship with nolan because only that relationship will ever benefit her in the long run. and hurry up and let jack know who is who already its annoying but glad he has a back bone finally and left fauxamanda their forced relationship was too much to stomach.

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Victoria [to Amanda]
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Is that worry I detect in your voice?

Conrad [to Victoria]