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  • The British are trying to press in on Scotland's borders.
  • Mary begs King Henry to send French troops to Scotland to help, but he puts her off.
  • Tomas, a Portuguese royal, is at court trying to negotiate the purchase of some wood from France. He catches Greer's eye, but he becomes interested in Mary.
  • Tomas is the illegitimate son of the king of Portugal, but he is about to be made legitimate and named heir to the throne.
  • He proposes to Mary: if she will marry him, he will send Portuguese troops to protect Scotland.
  • Francis attempts to negotiate with King Henry to send troops to Scotland. He fails when he tries honest methods, but triumphs when he blackmails the king about his affair with Kenna, one of Mary's ladies-in-waiting.
  • Greer mopes about Mary's relationship with Tomas, and seeks solace with a handsome young baker--and ends up receiving her first kiss.
  • Francis sends Bash out to alert the French troops and tell them about the new plan, but Bash is badly wounded on his journey--someone in the court has betrayed him, and the informed the English of the plan.
  • Francis urges Mary to accept Tomas's proposal, claiming that he cannot give her what she needs.
  • Mary seems to accept, and Tomas send troops bound for Scotland.
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Reign Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You know the Scottish border is quicksand. A pretty girl doesn't change that.

King Henry

I'm not a fool--I know a true royal would never look at me but except to ruin me.