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-Henry plans to move up Mary and Francis's wedding so that Mary may stake a claim to England, challenging Elizabeth I for the crown.

-Kenna learns about Diane's plans to legitimize Bash, and reports them to Catherine.

-Catherine tells Mary of Nostradamus's prediction of Francis's death, in an attempt to get her to call off the wedding.

-Catherine also asks Diane to poison Kenna.

-Mary is unsure about making a claim for England, but Francis urges her to marry him anyway, and then decide about England later--lying to Henry in the process.

-Kenna is handed a mug of poisoned tea, but lets Aylee drink it instead.

-A poisoned Aylee is then pushed to her death by the court's mysterious bag-headed "ghost"--who was the one to actually poison Kenna's tea, as well.

-Nostradamus punishes the "ghost," who is revealed to be a living girl--though we do not see her face.

-Horrified by Aylee's death, Mary decides to call off the wedding and immediately leave the castle, forsaking her claim to England.

-Bash sees Mary about to leave--and leaves court with her.

-Francis falls to his knees as Mary leaves, completing the set of images Nostradamus saw when he foretold Francis's death--proving that he misread them all.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Mary: You do realize what laying claim to England could cost me?
Francis: Yes I do...it could cost you your head.

If servants are gossiping about your unmade bed, it is too late to rectify the situation.


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Song Until We Get There Lucius
Ms mr bones Bones MS MR iTunes
Song Set No Sun (feat. ELLE J & Joel Cadbury) Unkle