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Jamie and Roy square if in court over a civil wrongful death suit. Did Roy's client, Tarik kill his girlfriend Jenna, when he found out she'd hidden they had a child together. No. Jenna was actually accidentally killed by his mother when they argued. Mom didn't want Jenna and Tarik's daughter to be brought back to their home country where she would never be seen as an equal.

Jamie and Roy flirt while sharing a tea party with his daughters. Later, Preston tells Jamie he never actually had sex with Lee Anne and he doesn't' believe she was drugged. Jamie decides to give her relationship with Preston a second chance.

Vi finds out Terry blackmailed her daughter to plant the camera. She forces her daughter to give a statement and Terry is suspended from the force.

Dec leaks information to the press that makes it look as though Knox is accusing Joyce Reed of doing drugs but it may be false information. When Knox fires Dec, Dec decides he may run for mayor himself. 

Terry tells Lee Anne that Arliss dog tags were found in the marsh near a gator nest. Lee Anne goes on TV to ask the public to help find her husband. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Roy: I know you don't like her but you sure didn't hesitate to use her.
Jamie: Oh, it was mutually beneficial. You can say that Nancy and I are friends with benefits.

It's not my fault you're on the wrong side of right Raydor. Again.