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-Roy hires Taylor Dunham, a young blonde attorney as 2nd chair on Lee Anne's case. Roy and Jamie go head to head during jury selection.

-Knox tells Roy that Preston was undercover but that he refused to testify against Terry.

-Terry's father returns but he kicks him out of the house when he upsets Lee Anne. Later, when Burnside's partner comes around looking for his missing million dollars from the deal gone bad, Terry almost ends up dead, until his father breaks the man's neck and the two of them bury the body. Later, Terry goes to check on the hidden money in his garage.

-Vi's ex-husband needs Jamie's help in a medical malpractice suit. He swears he didn't make a mistake although he was sleeping with his patient and taking uppers to stay focused. Jamie wins the case and Vi tells him he needs to get clean before their son can live with him again.

-Dec shows Barbara his plans to take over more land in Charleston using eminent domain once he's mayor and making them millions of dollars. She gives Dec an ultimatum. Dec offers Lindsey a deal. He'll support her financially as long as she leaves Charleston and never tells anyone that the child is his. She signs it and on the way out tells him it's a boy.

-Roy tells Preston he's not good enough for Jamie. Preston says he'll do anything to keep her. Later, Roy goes to Jamie and says that after this case is over he plans to make her fall in love with him. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I have a feeling there isn't much we'll be agreeing on these next few weeks.


I'm chopping my own firewood. Do I look like I've got a million dollars sitting around collecting soot?