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Nova’s getting a New York Times book review for her memoir. She’s thrilled, but nervous because she still hasn’t told her family how many of their secrets she reveals in her novel. 

Romero takes Charley away on a romantic vacation to pamper her but they must return home because harvest is about to start and Micah is coming home. 

Hollywood says that Remy is in Houston helping his parents move.  

Ralph Angel gets the official notice that his parole has ended. Prosper says his Daddy would be proud. Mr. Jarvis encourages him to continue to offer jobs to other parolees.

Violet and Hollywood went to Thailand on their honeymoon but are back home now. Violet bought the Hi Yellow and is renaming it Vi’s Prized Pies and Diner. They have an actual parade for the grand opening.

Hollywood is suspicious about what’s in Nova’s book. If there are family secrets revealed in it, then she needs to prepare the family. 

Nova gives the family copies of her novel but before they have the chance to read it, a reporter blindsides Charley as she’s receiving the 2019 Groundbreaker of the Year award. The woman says Nova’s book reveals that Charley paid off her ex-huband’s mistress who accused him and his team members of rape. The reporter says the book accuses Charley of perpetuating gender inequality and rape culture. 

Blindsided, Charley goes home and stays up all night reading the book. In the morning she calls Ralph Angel and tells him not to read it until she gets there, but he begins to read anyway and learns that Nova reveals that he is not Blue’s biological father. 

Charley calls her attorney and asks them to draft a Cease and Desist letter to stop Nova's novel from being published. 


Nova visits her father’s gravesite. She say it’s time they all stop living with so many secrets the way he did and asks his help to keep her on the right path.  


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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Hollywood: You know your dream is just now starting.
Violet: Goodbye, Hi Yellow. Hello, Vi’s Prized Pies and Diner.

It’s important folks know that I didn’t write this to just gossip rag my famous sister or kick my brother when he’s just getting on his feet.