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At the last minute Sam Landry takes the field where the Brown Sugar Harvest Festival is going to be held for a farm auction. Remy finds another venue but Landry sabotages that too. Then Davis suggests scaling back and they plan to hold it at Aunt Vi’s. 

When Landry has the roads closed and gets the trucks blocked with the catering and the rides, and it rains, Charley is about to give up, but they move the festival to the Mill, they make it a potluck, and Davis asks Tamar Judith to sing. 

Nova and Robert go on TV to talk about Zika in the 9th ward. When things get stale, Robert makes things more controversial by verbally attacking Nova in order to get more viewers, but Nova takes it personally and disinvites Robert from the Harvest Festival. Robert shows up anyway, looking to reconcile, but when he begins to push for Nova to leave the 9th ward for a national stage, she realizes their relationship won’t work and breaks up with him. 

Davis needs surgery on his hand. He might be out for the rest of the season. After he sees Charley kissing Remy, he tells her that his relationship with Tamar Judith isn’t serious, but Charley tells him that she is serious about Remy. Before he leaves, Davis says he’s sorry for everything.

Ralph Angel is upset because he’s only breaking even on the farm. He thinks Darla is settling for a wedding in front of a judge because he can’t afford a big wedding. Hollywood encourages him to take on a second job to pay for the wedding. 


After six years of silence, Darla’s parents call her and say they are coming to the wedding. She decides she wants to celebrate with a real wedding. 

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Let me tell you something, Sam. Maybe you can get to people who don't have a spine, but I have a backbone and I am not going away.


Remy: Are you coming on to me?
Charley: Well I'm trying.
Remy: Well, come on then.