Teresa On the Hunt - Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 1
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Judge Cecil Lafeyette tries to make his son, Davis’, suicide look like he was killed by an intruder. He destroyed all the security footage. Captain Gamble of the New Orleans Police coerces the medical examiner to say it was murder. The judge says Marcel Dumas killed his son. The police issue a manhunt for Marcel, and Teresa wants her crew to find him first.


Judge Lafayette brings Capt. Gamble along when he visits Teresa. The judge makes it clear that the truce she brokered with Javier’s life is over. He plans to run her out of New Orleans.


Boaz arrives with his cousin, Angel. He’s angry that Teresa sacrificed Javier but appears to follow her orders. Teresa tells him that if she can wait on her revenge for Lafayette killing Tony, Boaz can wait too. 


Unbeknownst to Teresa, Boaz makes contact with Lafayette at a bar and tells him he’s sorry about the loss of his son. It seems Boaz is planning something for the judge. 


George finds a phone tracker and a jammer in James’ car. He worries that they can’t trust James. 


James says he was working for Devon Finch, a contractor for the CIA. He says he did it to protect Teresa. There was chatter about a kill team heading to New Orleans to kill Teresa. Teresa puts George in charge of finding out if James is telling the truth. 


George and Chico have James show him where he believes the kill team is in hiding. The trip almost gets them all killed, but George seems to have a little more trust in James’ story.


There’s competition for the waterfront property. Teresa needs to double her offer in 48 hours to make the deal. She contacts Oksana to make a deal with Kostya. Teresa wants to meet him, but Oksana says he doesn’t meet with anyone. 


When the Russians won’t buy more heroin right away, Teresa makes another deal with Pote’s contact, Oscar Polanko, who runs heroin from Harlem to the Bronx. 


When Oksana says Kostya is upset about Teresa’s deal with Oscar, Teresa reminds her their deal was never about exclusivity. Oksana says Kostya will meet with her, but when Teresa arrives, she realizes it’s a trap, and she and Pote run. 

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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Before you go drawing any bubble baths or making PB&Js, I’ve got a few questions for you, 007.


There was a time when I was always running for my life. Being chased, barely surviving. Now, I’m the one who does the hunting.