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Teresa is summoned to Bolivia to see El Santo, alone. She gets a plastic gun and a blessing card from Pote before she leaves. In Bolivia, Teresa is blindfolded and taken to El Santo’s estate. 


Someone told the authorities about El Santo’s compound and then it was bombed. El Santo has called all of his worldwide dealers to Bolivia for a special dinner where he expects to find his Judas. Teresa and another dealer, Sasha, find El Dentista. He’s been tortured, his teeth are embedded in his forehead and he’s still moving like he’s alive but his body is ice cold as though he’s dead. 


Teresa tries to get the others together to leave but Sasha and another dealer turn on her, thinking that blaming her for being the traitor will save them all. El Santo is about to turn Teresa into a living zombie using a Voodoo concoction of neurotoxins from a puffer fish and toad when a missile strikes his estate. 


Many are dead, but Teresa awakens to the crying of a baby. She finds that El Santo has carved his baby out of his wife’s dead body. He still believes that Teresa has betrayed him and is the cause of this attack until soldiers enter the estate and begin killing anyone who isn’t already dead. Teresa recognizes Devon Finch’s voice over the radio. 


El Santo leaves his baby behind and he and Teresa run. There are heat seeking drones searching for them. El Santo drinks the zombie potion he tried to force on Teresa earlier, as it will lower their body temperature, but resurrection is not guaranteed. Teresa drinks the potion and hides in the mud. The soldiers move on.  


In her visions, Teresa sees Guero asking her to join him on the other side. She remembers Guero saying he will love her forever. But this time he asks her to walk away from the cartel with him. She sees her and Guero having a daughter. Guero tries to get her to stay but she knows it isn’t real. 


Teresa awakens and climbs from the mud. She finds the estate decimated and the bodies are gone. She finds a baby blanket with no baby. She also finds the medallion Guero gave her. It’s broken and there’s a tracking device in it.


El Santo is alive and devastated to have lost his son. El Santo says he wants to find the people who did this to them and destroy them. He tells Teresa she has been reborn and to go in peace.


Teresa calls Pote and tells him they may have lost their supplier. She also tells him about the tracking device and Devon Finch.  Teresa doesn’t know who it is but she knows they have a mole. Pote worries it might be James.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Oh, don’t let the wrinkles fool you. The older they are, the more blood between their teeth.


Kelly Anne: I think I have a problem. You know, this isn’t the life I was aiming for, and the drugs, they paint out all the ugly parts but they don’t go away. They just follow you around like shadows and I can feel them hanging off me and I don’t even know how I got here.
Teresa: You’re stronger than you think.
Kelly Anne: How do you not just curl up into a little ball?
Teresa: Because I never had that choice.