Getting Isabela Back - Queen of the South
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The little girl tells Teresa she must pay El Santa his $3 million by sundown or Teresa will die. 


Boaz tells James that Camila is back home with Epifanio, and that Epifanio gave him his empire. He encourages James to kill Camila because he still thinks she’ll be a problem. If James does, he can have all of Dallas.


Camila and Epifanio blame one another for Isabela’s kidnapping, until Camila figures out that Isabela left them a clue in her message. They’re being held at the Jimenez compound on Mazatlan. Epifanio plans to give Pedro the $10 million while James goes in with his soldiers to rescue Isabela and take out Pedro and his crew. 


Turns out Pedro is working for Colonel Cortez. Little does Pedro realize he’s working for the man who murdered his father. 


Teresa and Pote meet with Devon at the drop sight but the product isn’t cocaine. They think Big T stole the coke and left lactose powder in it’s place. When she confronts Big T and his crew, Teresa is shot in the leg. When Teresa calls Devon for help, he tells her that James delivered the cocaine and that Teresa should not contact him again. 


Teresa has Pote take her to El Santo’s people, who save her life and remove the bullet, but they still want their money by sundown. Teresa calls Guero for help as she and Pote head to Mexico. 


Epifanio delivers the money to Pedro’s men at the drop site. The moment they send a photo of the cash to Pedro, he shoots and kills them himself. Then Camila sends James a message telling him to strike now. All of Pedro’s men are killed but Pedro isn’t there. James delivers Isabela to her parents. When she asks about Kique, they tell her he’s with his own family. Isabela says Kique would have died for her. She plans to marry him and form an alliance between their families. 


Camila gives James his freedom and $9 million for his loyalty and for saving her daughter. Epifanio tells Camila that all charges against her in Dallas have been dropped and the DEA agents who arrested her have been suspended. Epifanio asks her to come home with he and Isabela and she says yes. But their plane lands in a field and they find out that Guero is their pilot.


Guero forces Epifanio and Camila off the plane to meet with Teresa and Pote. Teresa wants to make a deal. Epifanio tells Teresa he’s out of the business and that Camila is too. Teresa says they can all walk away, but she wants control of Dallas. Much to Epifanio’s horror, Camila says she’ll never give up Dallas and that there can only be one queen.


Epifanio swears to protect their family since Camila can’t. He doesn’t want his daughter becoming her mother. He shoots at Teresa and she shoots back, hitting and killing him. 


James gets passed Guero and runs from the plane. When Guero catches him, he accuses James of trying to kill Teresa, but James points out he’s never missed a shot that close in his life. He’d never hurt Teresa, like Guero did. Guero lets him go. 


Isabela runs to her father’s body. Pote tells Teresa to kill Camila because if she doesn’t Camila will come after her with everything she has. Camila offers them the $10 million on the plane. Teresa takes it and they leave. 


Back in Culiacan, Colonel Cortez shows up and pledges his allegiance to Camila. He presents her with a gift. It’s Pedro, with his tongue cut out so he can never tell anyone that the Colonel hired him. Camila tells him to dispose of Pedro.


King George delivers the money to El Santo for Teresa, then he has a boat to take them away. When Guero doesn’t make it to the boat, Teresa and Pote leave on the boat without him. 

Back in Culiacan, Camila announces to the world that Teresa Mendoza is the evil criminal who murdered her husband and she will not rest until she’s found. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Epifanio gave me his whole empire. It's mine. However I have a nagging feeling Camila's not going to like the arrangement, but you take out Camila all of Dallas is yours. You've got to start looking out for yourself.


Epifanio: I'm sorry. I'm as scared as you are.
Camila: We did this to her, you know. This life. We brought this on ourselves.