Crusading Pastor - Pure
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A Mennonite family's car is forced off the road. All family members are killed, except for one boy who escapes, then the car is burned. Those responsible remove drugs from the car's frame. Noah Funk is unexpectedly chosen as pastor for his local Mennonite community. Detective Bronco Novak gets called to the scene of the car fire. Bronco deduces the car belonged to Mennonites. Noah's wife Anna worries that their family may be in danger from the drug-running mob members within the Mennonite colony. Noah threatens to shun his ne'er-do-well brother Abel but later relents. As part of his investigation, Bronco connects with Noah, with whom he attended high school. Noah identifies the Bible Bronco found as being from a Mennonite colony in Mexico but otherwise offers little. Gerry Epp, a lieutenant in the local Mennonite mob, cautions Noah to let him know if he hears anything about the missing boy, Ezekiel. Peter Wiebe finds the boy in his chicken coop and turns him over to Noah. Noah's plan is to pass off Ezekiel as Abel's long-lost son. Bronco contacts Phoebe O'Reilly of the DEA. She tells him about the Mennonite mob. Gerry threatens Noah's family if he doesn't turn over Ezekiel. Peter gives Noah a basket of cocaine doses he had discovered in his late son's room. Bronco finds bullet holes and a brick of cocaine in the wreck. Noah visits Gerry to tell him he's not turning over Ezekiel and plants the drugs while there. He'd planted similar drugs at the homes of other mob members. He gives Bronco a list of their names. Gerry gets busted. A giant Mennonite mobster comes upon Noah in a field, throws a cord over his neck, then drags him around the field with his truck, then tells him he's taking Gerry's place. 

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Pure Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Prostitute: Twenty bucks? That's all you got?
Bronco: Yeah. Sorry.

There was a boy. Find him.