Southern Trip
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Noah and Anna try to make sense of the investigative materials Tina had stolen from Bronco's house. Noah tells Anna that Eli has ordered him to come to Mexico. TIna, dressed in Auslander clothes, runs away. Joey picks up Gerry when he's released from jail. Noah's cover story to the family is that he and Abel are going to Mexico to buy farming equipment from bankrupt Mennonites. Tina works as a motel housekeeper in exchange for a room. Phoebe shows up to pick up Bronco and Ezekiel, who has to go back to his uncle in Juarez. Anna discovers Tina is gone, so she takes Joey's truck and goes searching for her. Ben helps her search. Anna checks with Gerry, who takes Joey's truck back. Phoebe benches Bronco. Gerry contacts Chief Kingsley to help him find Tina and Jay oversees their exchange. Bronco calls Jay, apologizes, tells him about Kingsley and asks him to locate Tina. Voss has a mole inside the DEA, Natalie. Noah and Abel seek to demonstrate Doc's distribution method. Gerry bursts into Tina's motel room and takes her drawing pad. He takes the pad to Anna and tells her to show up at sunrise the next day to prepare his wife's new garden. Eli forces Noah to give communion to his excommunicated workers. Joey attempts to take over shoveling for Anna but Gerry calls him off. The process works, yielding 98 percent pure cocaine. Eli makes addict Abel sample it. Natalie abducts Ezekiel. Noah apologizes to Abel for involving him. Jay and Ben find Tina. Bronco gets a text that Voss knows. He calls Phoebe to let her know they're driving into an ambush, but she won't pick up. Eli takes away the Bible with the wire from Noah. Noah refuses to shoot Abel, so Eli does.

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Pure Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I promise we'll be back for your baptism.

Noah [to Isaac]

Baby brother, it's time we get it all back.

Gerry [to Joey]