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Dr. Walter Wallace administers a drug to a patient that was not approved for drug administration. 

He heads to Bunker Hill for observation.

A couple who is expecting a baby is dealing with the wife having cancer. James Bell, the founder of Bunker Hill, is optimistic about saving the mother and child while getting rid of the cancer. 

The team figures out a way to try and save the fetus and the woman. They come up with an ingestible gadget that can test the fetuses lung capacity.

A girl in a coma is transferred to Bunker Hill with little to no brain function and Dr. Channarayapatra is insisting that James tell the family that they should consider taking her off life support. 

Walter and Talaikha help the woman out of the water who seems to be experiencing a side effect from the device that she ingested. 

Zoe goes after James about why he under-minded her ability as a doctor by contradicting everything that she said in front of the patient. 

Margo goes into shock and Dr. Wallace has to detain her husband from the hospital room. The husband was adamant on not giving his wife drugs, but Walter felt otherwise. 

Margo-the woman with cancer-admits that the symptoms she has been having are from domestic abuse which were caused by her husband Paul.

The GSS patient hits home to James, because his mother suffered from GSS and she gave him up for adoption.


Pure Genius
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Pure Genius Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

This is the revolution, Dr. Wallace.


At the rate the cancer is spreading we don't have weeks. We have days.