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Psych took to the baseball diamond this week for another fun episode. Our Round Table team gathers here to break down "Dead Man's Curveball."
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Who hit a home run on this week's baseball-themed episode of Psych? Let's round third and review the installment now!
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Psych paid homage to the world of comic books this week. Read through our Round Table discussion of the latest fun installment.
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Shawn and Gus take on a masked vigilante and a drug ring, but leave it to The Catch and Tap Man to save the day this week on Psych!
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A vampire was loose on Psych this week, and it was up to Shawn and Gus to stop it. Read our review of "This Episode Sucks" to find out what went down!
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Suck it.

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You two are so breaking up over this.