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When you watch Proof Season 1 Episode 1 online via TV Fanatic, you will be introduced to Carolyn Tyler, a brilliant surgeon who has not only lost someone close to her, but who has suffered her own near death experience. As such, she is asked by the one of the world's billionaires to find proof of life after death. Find out whether she will take him up on his amazing offer when you watch Proof online!

Episode Details

On Proof Season 1 Episode 1 Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Carolyn Tyler is hired by a terminally ill billionaire to investigate cases of life after death in an effort to prove the existence of an afterlife.

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Proof Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Carolyn: Excuse me?
Ivan: Kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap. You're a doctor. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept.

Ivan: Mind if we skip the usual chit chat, like the amazing amazing architecture, what a great pleasure to meet me, all that?
Carolyn: I have rounds to make.
Ivan: Right. Good. I'm dying.