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When two hospital employees go into a ward filled with coma patients to make out, all of them flatline but one, who wakes. Janel and Zed report this to Cat because the three who died had spikes in brain activity just before their deaths. Perhaps the Jane Doe remembers something just before she woke.

Cat gathers the families of the deceased to try to see if they can stimulate in Jane some of her own memories. Instead, she recalls specific memories of the visitors. They aren't sure if they pertained to being in the room with the deceased or if she's recalling the memories of the deceased themselves. Another girl comes in who never visited with the deceased; Jane remembers her. 

Sophie discovers someone who is received Will's lungs and decides to visit him. Cat finds him in his room. 

The Jane Doe has signs of disassociate personality disorder when subjected to a brain scan. After the scan, Jane sees someone walking past her; a woman with a boy. She recalls her out of body experience during her operation. She believes she died.

Ivan is talking with Charles about the wing he's donating and he doesn't want the wing named after him. He thinks it's self aggrandizing and rhymy. Charles wonders if there's anything he should know when Ivan struggles for the second time finding words. 

Len and Cat talk to Sophie about Charlie, perhaps discussing things with his family so they can keep in touch down the road. Cat just wants to make sure she knows he's not Will.

Cat tries to get to the bottom of what happened to Jane during surgery. She attempts to ask Dr. Nash, but finds his nurse instead, his nurse with a bear on the top of her cap, one that was likely seen by Jane when she flatlined in surgery on the day he was going too fast because he was tired.

Ivan continues to try to see the bright side in everything, even after Jane Doe slips back into her coma.

Cat sees Charlie on his way out of the hospital and says goodbye, tears in her eyes.

Charles looks at Ivan's brain scan and can only say, "whew."

Janel finds Jane Doe's brother by searching female child epileptic profiles from 20 years ago and cross referencing them with police records. She has her family back.

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Proof Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ivan: Tell me. Waddya see?
Cat: A game of Jenga for a billionare?

If you're talking about immortality, it always struck me as wildly overrated.