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-The designers have six hours to complete a look inspired by a gelato flavor. Diane Von Furstenberg and Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr will be guest judges.

-The Top 3:  Mondo has a bright orange and green cantaloupe inspired dress, Michael's satin pink dress was concocted from grapefruit gelato, and Mila's milk and sour cherry flavor propels her to the top with a gauzy looking red and white dress.

-The Bottom 3:  April's blueberry inspired dress is too short, Kara's chocolate and cayenne pepper tiered dress could double as a maternity gown, and Anthony's great tea infused outfit doesn't quite hit the mark.

-The winner for the second week in a row is Michael.  Miranda Kerr will wear his gown to an upcoming event.

-April goes home for her poor construction.


Project Runway
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