In the Confessional
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An army guy is running through the Nevada desert when he's taken by a UFO. but then other guys arrive.

Hynek and Mimi are watching a drive-in movie.

When they return home, Quinn and Valentine are waiting for him.They tell him about the crash which happened to be on the base of the CIA - a new agency Hynek had never heard of before.

Mimi is eavesdropping.

In Nevada, the duo is picked up by a CIA agent.

He takes them to Area 51 where they meet with the soldier who was allegedly abducted.

The soldier tells his story. 

Hynek and Quinn want to take the soldier to the spot where he was abducted.

Mimi is at her UFO grou and she blabs about Area 51 to her friend.

The soldier runs to a spot and starts digging. Hynek figures out that it's the site of the abduction.

Harding is in a confessional. He's having flashbacks about Roswell. He's very upset.

Valentine is in church waiting for Harding when he gets out.

Quinn and Hynek realize that the crafts they saw during Lubbock Lights are CIA secret aircraft.

They go out to the desert with the CIA agent and find a guy hanging in a tree. They then go back to base and witness teh autopsy.

CIA guys come in and kick everyone out.

Hynek goes rogue once again and steals a Jeep to try and find the soldier who had been taken by CIA officers. Bu tthey go to the site where the UFO apparently was first.

Guys are cleaning up dead coyotes.

They follow the truck, disover some odd activities and then are chased by UFOs and abducted themselves!

Quinn and Hynek get back to base and Valentine is there yelling at them. The CIA agent comes to their defense and Valentine orders them back to Ohio.

Susie is meeting with a Russian spy at the drive-in. She tells her about Quinn and Project Blue Book. She's using him, as expected. The other woman also wants Susie to kidnap Quinn.

Valentine and Harding talk at the air base about a planned UFO invasion.



Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You've seen how far the government will go to keep their secrets.


You? You really know your stuff.