Quinn Has Questions
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There's a scout campfire in Bowling Green, Ohio when a UFO crashes nearby. The scout leaders go check it out. They yell for the other boys to run and they do.

Hynek is on the scene to investigate. Quinn is doing something else for Harding. Hynek develops the scoutmaster's film.

Quinn is with Harding to talk with Rizzuto. There was apparently some stolen material Harding wants Quinn to find they think this guy took.

Quinn is keeping Rizzuo captive in his own apartment to question.

Hynek is questioning the troops about the scoutmaster's disappearance.

One of the leaders stops Hynek outside to tell him a story that may or may not be real...the story of the Star People. The kid takes Hynek to the legend spot.

Then in the cave, Hynek sees the mysterious symbol.

Quinn continues to question Rizzuto. Rizzuto is trying to convince him to be a traitor to his country but Quinn isn't having any of it.

Hynek visits a Choctaw Chief to ask about the Star People.

Quinn wants to play a Q&A game with Rizzuto. He wants to know if he stole something. Quinn is going to kill him when Rizzuto gets up and starts screaming for help. Quinn has been played by his own team and leaves for a cigarette.

Hynek is with the sheriff and David in the woods looking for the place where David said he sees the lights. Hynek wants to see the swamp.

Hynek attends a town meeting about the Star People. They want answers. Hynek said the lights are a result of swamp gas and explains why. The people get upset. They don't believe him when Emmett comes into the room after missing for days.

Emmett tells Hynek his story and about the creature he killed that came out of the UFO.

Harding is at rizzuto's apartment but Quinn isn't there then he returns and he is pissed about being set up. Harding goes off on him. Outside Harding tells Quinn Rizzuto is a double agent and they wanted to know about the missing object that disappeared after they left their base. Harding makes more promises. Quinn might not be completely convinced.

Hynek takes Emmett to the site where he supposedly buried the alien and pulls out a skull from the ground. Hynek tests the skull to see if it's a fake. It's not.

Hynek calls Quinn and tells him the story. Quinn is going to Bowling Green because he has questions for Hynek as well.

Hynek brings the skull to David. It's not an alien but part of a relic from the Choctaw burial ground. It's all a hoax.

Quinn and Hynek question Emmett and his wife and expose his hoax. Hynek is in his element!

Quinn talks to Hynek outside about the missing item from the air force base. He's pretty serious and Hynek is sort of offended.

Hynek goes back to the cave to look at the symbol. He knows the object he got from the man in the black hat is the object stolen from the base and he hides i tin his trunk. Something freaky deaky happens after he closes his trunk.














Project Blue Book
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Project Blue Book Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Rizzuto: First rule of interrogation: get them to trust you.

It looks like a controlled burn. Very precise.