Megan Visits Lily in Jail
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Megan's Adventure
The episode opens with Megan going to visit Lily in jail.  Apparently right after the honeymoon Sammy ran away and left her with a backpack full of drugs in the hotel room which was in her name so she took the fall when she got busted.  Bail is set at $25,000. Megan and Will then go to visit her parents to discuss bailing out Lily and Will offers to cover the $25,000.  Megan's dad refuses and wants to try some tough love out of his AA program and stop enabling Lily.

The next morning Megan is up early after a night of not sleeping and she is clearly not happy with her choice to leave Lily in jail.  She goes to visit her and when all Lily is concerned about is Sammy's lawyer and not her own, Megan realizes maybe she does need some tough love and doesn't want to post bail.  Will, however, comes home to a crying Megan over the situation.  When Will gets tricked out to going to dinner with Mrs. Baker alone she quickly convinces him to go behind Arthur's back and bail out Lily.  

When Megan is out she sees Lily in her car!  Will and Megan then have a fight about him going behind her back and bailing out Lily.  He says he didn't, he merely gave Shelby the money.  Megan then goes to visit Lily and finds out she wasn't bailed out... Sammy came back and she was let off... her mom never even stopped by!  Megan goes to her dad's and sees all of her mom's stuff is gone!  She took off with Will's $25,000.  Holy crap.

The Baker Twins
We meet up with Sage directly after last week's episode with her making out with Luis.  Then next day at school, Rose's boyfriend, Zach (Dave Franco), accidentally tells Sage's friend that Sage is dating a "domestic."  When the girl is making fun of Sage she just brushes it off and her and Rose discuss her getting Luis an early V-Day gift to show she cares... Zach overhears.  Sage calls Charlie up for advice on a gift and he tells her all his cousin cares about is cooking.

Zach shows up at the house with a poem for Rose.  Luis then goes over to Charlie's to watch a game and Charlie calls Luis out on dating Sage and warns him how dumb it is to risk his job.  He says he can always get another job, not another Sage.   Sage presents Luis with a gift... a really nice set of knives.  He seems less than happy to receive them.  Rose is trying to read her poem and can't even understand the words being used and is looking them up.  When Sage goes to confront Luis about his reaction we find out it's because he's been saving up for those knives for a couple years... it was a goal of his.  She doesn't get it.

Sage gets some advice about Megan and realizes calling his goals silly was probably a bad thing.  Rose, meanwhile, discovers through Marco that Zach ripped his poem off of someone online!  Sage goes to apologize to Luis and tells him a similiar story about one of her goals not being understood.  Rose, meanwhile, confronts Zach, who presents her with the poem he actually wrote and confesses he was just trying to impress her.  She loves his real one way more.  He tells her she's smarter than she thinks she is.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Marco: oh yes, you and the feisty twin have finally found love. Funny how that happens just as Keith decided to terminate ours
Luis: yeah i heard about that, sorry man
Marco: it's okay, this way the world maintains a love hate balance. I'm happy for you two high school musical looking misfits

Rose [referring to Sage and Luis kissing]: They look so cute
Rami: It's about damn
Marco: What is ... oh look, happy people. Alright that's it, show's over, nothing to see here!
Marco [to Luis]: You, easy to replace sous chef, hands off the queen bee and get back to work.
Marco [to Sage]: and you trouble with a capital S, stop distracting him. Young love, makes me sick