Private Practice Season 5

"Gone, Baby, Gone"

Amelia goes into labor on Private Practice. Check out our review now to find out more!

"Drifting Back"

Pete is faced with a major ethical decision on Private Practice. Check out our review now to find out more!

"True Colors"

Addison and Pete help a pregnant illegal immigrant on Private Practice. Check out our review now to find out more!

"And Then There Was One"

Addison makes changes in her life to let in a new man on Private Practice. Check out our review now to find out more!

"It Was Inevitable"

Addison gets the best surprise of her life on Private Practice. Charlotte and Cooper help Mason say goodbye to his mother. Check out our review now to find out more!

"The Letting Go"

Erica's health took a turn for the worse on Private Practice. Did she survive? Find out more in our review now!


Private Practice heats up as the flirtation between Jake and Addison continues. Meanwhile, Sheldon learns that Amelia has shocking, life-changing news.

"You Break My Heart"

Cooper, Charlotte, Erica and Mason head to Seattle Grace in hopes that Team Shepherd can save Erica's life. Read our review now to find out more!

"Too Much"

Erica refuses to let Charlotte and Cooper tell Mason about her cancer on Private Practice. Meanwhile, Cooper, Pete and Addison team up to treat the baby of a drug addict.

"The Time Has Come"

Addison and Jake attend an unforgettable medical conference on Private Practice. Erica and Mason are involved in a nonfatal car accident.

"Losing Battles"

Private Practice delivered a shocking and intense episode when another tragic event happens at Violet's home. Check out our review now to find out more!

"The Standing Eight Count"

Fresh off breakups, Pete and Sam are single and ready to mingle. What mischief could the guys get into on boys' night out? Get the scoop in our review now!

"Are You My Mother?"

Is Addison's dream finally coming true on Private Practice? Is she going to be a mother? You'll have to check out our review to find out.

"The Breaking Point"

Amelia chooses to enter rehab on Private Practice. Elsewhere, Addison collapses after trying another fertility treatment.

"Who We Are"

An intervention for Amelia is staged this week on Private Practice, and things go wayward when Amelia attacks those who care about her the most.

"Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough"

Amelia sinks even lower this week on Private Practice. Can the Seaside doctors get through to her? Read our review now to find out.

"If I Hadn't Forgotten..."

Amelia continues to spiral out of control on Private Practice while Addie and the Seaside doctors discuss their "sperm ball" picks. Find out more in our review!

"Step One"

Addison begins her vitro fertilization treatments on Private Practice. Meanwhile, Amelia deals with a terminally-ill friend, who asks for an impossible favor. Check out our review now!

"Remember Me"

It's true... there's apparently a Mini Cooper in town. Is Cooper really the father? Find out in our Private Practice review!

"Deal with It"

Cooper receives a major surprise when a woman and her son visit the practice. Who could she be and what does she want? Find out now by reading our review.

"Breaking the Rules"

The doctors at Oceanside Wellness interview potential candidates to fulfill Naomi's spot. Catch our review to find out if Dr. Jake Reilly made the cut.

"God Laughs"

The fifth season of Private Practice picks up with Sam, Cooper, and Amelia teaming up to save Pete's life after he suffered a heart attack. Read our review now to find out what happened!

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