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Emily reacts in shock to the revelation that Alison is carrying her babies. Both women decide to go the blood test route to confirm. The test confirms they are really becoming parents. 

A.D. calls Aria and threatens her with the news that she will tell everyone about her involvement in all of the drama. 

Emily and Hanna searched the apartment and found a comic created by both Lucas and Charlotte. This made them question how much Lucas knew. 

Mona tells Hanna Lucas is selling their office space from under them and they vow to find out the truth. 

Emily asks Hanna to keep the baby, but Alison is unsure about it all. 

Emily confides in Paige, who later visits Alison. The pair chat about Emily and Alison reveals she does love her. They put their beef aside and move on. 

Furey corners Spencer, saying that she was in The Radley the night Archer's credit card ordered a train ticket. 

Spencer then goes to the airport to try find out the truth about what Wren was up to when he helped Charlotte into Radley.

Ezra returned home and told Aria he canceled the flight. 

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Alison: What are you going to do?
Emily: Are you talking about the game?
Alison: No. I'm talking about you. I'm talking about the baby.

Aria: What do you want?
Uber A: I want what you want. The end of the game and that's what we are going to accomplish. Together.