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The liars are still stuck in the dollhouse and Charles is not pleased with them. He locks them outside with no food or water and the liars are getting restless. There are rains and storms, but they are still stuck outside.

They get let in and are then locked up for three weeks.

Back in Rosewood, Tanner has Alison do a public speech to make her appear more vulnerable so that Andrew will try and attack her, but he doesn't show up at all.

She finds herself part of A's game once more and tries to track the liars down, with help from Caleb and Ezra.

Spencer decides to play a game with Charles and starts attacking things in his lair. She tips him over the edge when she sets the tape on fire that his him and his mother on it.

Alison, Ezra and Caleb are outside and Alison notices the smoke and they fight their way in. The liars manage to save Mona and escape, but they are horrified to see that there is someone else in the dollhouse. The girl who went missing at the same time Ali did. Her name is Sarah.

Emily asks Alison who Charles is.

Pretty Little Liars
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