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The liars are in the back of a prison truck. Going to jail. The prison thinks that the liars are planning something big. The liars ask Hanna what it's like and she tells them how bad it is. There is a crash.

The van door opens and A shoots gas into the back, as the liars scream. Toby informs the Hastings that the girls have been taken.

Tanner wants to keep it from the press. Toby says that none of the other liars parents know about it.

Spencer wakes up and looks around her.  It says welcome home on a white board.

Hanna wakes up and screams for her mom.

The rooms look the same as their own bedrooms. Spencer smashes the window and realizes it's brick on the outside.

The room doors open and the liars are told to follow the pathway.

Someone is playing music with a mask on. It's Mona. Mona gets up and says she is Alison.

She tells Aria to sit down. She wants the girls to refer to her as Alison. The door bell goes and Mona walks out the room, followed by the girls.

There is letters for them, Mona passes them out. They are invitations for the ball. Hanna rebels, followed by the other girls. An alarm sounds. All of their ears hurt. The noise stops when they all go in their rooms.

A hacked the camera and put a cartoon on.

Mona bursts into Hanna's room and tells her they have three minutes.

Mona tells the liars that the generator goes out for 3 minutes every night.

A wanted Mona to become Alison.

The Hastings visit Alison. They are rude to Alison. Alison is upset. Alison knows who took them. She admits that A is back.

A is watching the girls on a TV screen.

Spencer has a dream. Words spell out Charles.

Mona wakes up and smiles at the camera. There is a gift for her. It's a gas mask. She puts it on.

Tanner puts out a warrant for Caleb's arrest. She thinks Caleb knows where the girls are.

A is getting the girls to prepare for a prom they already had.

The Hastings visit Toby and say they know about A.

Veronica comes up with the idea to take the story to the media. Ezra warns the Hastings secrets are also in the boxes. Andrew has hacked Veronica's phone and is listening to Melissa's phone call to Veronica.

Spencer starts an argument with Emily.

Caleb tells Tanner that he found some information on the van. The Hastings manage to pull Tanner in on their side.

Tanner allows Caleb to hack to find the van. She sends a tem to the location of the van.

The liars are dressed the exact same as the prom from Season 2.

The liars look around as dance music plays.

Alison is revealed as the prom queen. Spencer shouts Charles and the liars try get his attention.

The liars blow the electricity and run from A.

The location is the old Campbell farm. They find A's lair.

Charles is Alison's brother. Tanner turns A's computers on and realizes Mona is alive.

The liars get outside and realize they are trapped inside. The fence is electrified.

The camera pans out and shows us that the liars are in the middle of nowhere.


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