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In Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" the liars meet an old friend of Mona's named Leslie.

Leslie first introduces herself to Emily at the coffee shop as she asks for Hanna. Emily is immediately suspicious, but Hanna ends up talking to Leslie a little bit. Leslie says she knows the truth about the girl relationship and despite everything, they were still very precious to Mona.

Meanwhile Mrs. Hastings is working on Ali's trial and Spencer sneaks a peek at some of the notes. She sees that Mike Montgomery's name is on the jail's visitor list. Aria confronts him and he said he doesn't need to listen to anyone anymore and she should stay out of it. He also tells her to be careful walking home through the woods. 

Holbrook is also back in town and gets suspended from the Rosewood Police Department. He stages a run in so he can confront Hanna. He creepily touches her like he's about to kiss her, but Hanna hits him with a crowbar. Holbrook also reveals that Ali dropped him awhile ago, so he hasn't been doing her bidding for a long time.

Spencer and Toby are still on the outs. Spencer is also really unsure about college much to the dismay of her mother. Emily kisses her new co-worker.

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