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Emily is alive! We quickly learn this week that the character simply fell down to conclude last week's episode. Toby took her to the hospital and then drove away.

Once that is established, the following developments take place...

- Emily is stuck in bed, nursing her head's bump. Her mom is seriously peeved at her for going to the dance with Toby, while Jenna pays her a visit. She hints at secrets she's been keeping quiet and says Jenna better get Toby's file to her in order to keep secret the fact she was doing him in the guest house that night the girls stink bombed it.

- But Hanna still has the file because she can't get past police by the office to return it. She's sick of the whole thing and heads to the woods with Aria and Spencer. After a lot of back and forth, they eventually toss the papers into the stream, with the idea of putting all this behind them.

- In her personal life, Sean is pissed at Hanna for ditching him at homecoming. He even sends Aria flowers to sort of get back at Hanna. Eventually, though, he and Hanna make up, but it's clear to the latter that Lucas is almost better for her than Sean is.

- For Aria, her parents don't just keep fighting. They separate. This causes her brother to lose it and to get into a fight at school. Aria can't talk to Mr. Fitz about it because she can't find him. He's absent from school and, after she sort of breaks into his apartment, she hears a voicemail from a school in NY saying it's excited to interview him.

- Spencer apologizes to Alex and these two end up dancing, and then making out, in the kitchen of the country club.

- The episode ends with Toby's bike found, crashed, and a rumor that he's dead. This relieves some of the girls, such as Spencer, who think he's A. But then they get a text from A that thanks them for getting ridding of Toby.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm kept quiet about a lot, Emily. The least you can do is get me that file. You owe me that much.


Emily's mom: My daughter doesn't lie.
Police officer: Ma'am, everyone lies.