Pretty Little Liars

Tuesdays 8:00 PM on ABC Family
Pretty little liars
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On this week's episode, A continues to complicate the lives of Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer.

Hannah returns from the hospital and finds a mysterious stash of cash in a box of pasta. Her mother confesses to stealing it from a client, but promises to pay it back. From there, Hannah’s plan to relax at home is spoiled when Mona throws a surprise party. Noel’s presence at the party and Lucas’ bitter drunkenness make her evening tense.

To make matters worse, the hidden money is stolen and Hannah finds a note from A in her pill bottle, promising to give back the money if she does what she’s told. 

Spencer’s boyfriend, Alex, receives an application for an exclusive Swedish tennis camp, but isn’t interested in the opportunity and throws away the application. Later, he receives a confirmation email for his electronically-submitted application and accuses Spencer of sending it. He walks away from her, and possibly their relationship, as Spencer gets a message from A saying: “Point, set, match.”

Maya is invited to dinner with Emily’s parents, making both girls extremely nervous. While her father gets along with her new girlfriend, Emily’s mother cannot cope with her daughter’s sexuality and confesses that it makes her sick to her stomach.

Aria tells Ezra that Noel saw them in his car the night of Camp Mona, but promised he wouldn’t say anything. Noel seems to contradict this statement when he insists that his English teacher take “another look” at his paper, suggesting he should get an A. When confronted by Aria, Noel claims that Ezra was reading into the situation and he wasn’t blackmailing anyone.

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