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At Tommy's bail hearing, Proctor shows up to be his attorney, while Angela stands in opposition. After his bail is denied, the feds try to get Tommy to flip on Lobos in exchange for a deal. Tommy become increasingly suspicious of where Ghost's loyalties lie and he calls Tasha with his one phone call. 

Tahsa accuses Ghost of selling Tommy out and he assures her that he has a plan. 

After the feds try to get Tommy to flip by bringing his Mom in and threatening to cut her off, it becomes increasingly clear that Tommy will not snitch on Lobos. Using documents from Angela's apartment, Ghost supplies Proctor with the ammunition to get the charges against Tommy dropped. 

Angela confronts Ghost about his betrayal and they argue about the different ways they have deceived one another. Ghost insists that they can know be together without the lies, but Angela declares their relationship is over. 

Later, Greg confronts Angela about her relationship with Ghost and she comes clean. She then tells Greg that they need to do whatever they can to bring Ghost down. 

Elsewhere, Kanan comes up with a plan for Shawn to kill Ghost. Shawn is tasked with doing it while driving Ghost, but an unexpected traffic disturbance derails the plan. 

Meanwhile, Tasha decides she is going to leave town with the kids and she invites Shawn to come with her. He agrees but says he needs a few days. 

At Truth, Ghost goes to retrieve liquor from the basement and Shawn greets him with a gun. After a brief conversation in which Shawn tells Ghost he has a relationship with Tasha and Ghost explains how awful Kanan is as a father, Ghost manages to get the gun from Shawn. He doesn't kill Shawn, but instead tells he him must leave town. 

Before leaving, Shawn visits Kanan and tells him what a disgrace he is as a father. As he attempts to leave, Kanan shots him once in the stomach and then in the head killing him. 

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