The Snow Ball - Pose
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"Giving and Receiving"
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On Pose Season 1 Episode 3, in spite of Angel's lack of holiday spirit, the House of Evangelista celebrates the holidays and prepares for the Snow Ball.

Damon Tries Dating - Pose Season 1 Episode 2
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On Pose Season 1 Episode 2, Blanca goes toe-to-toe with a bar refusing to serve her as Damon navigates his first foray into the dating world.

Evan Peters on Pose
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On Pose Season 1 Episode 1, Blanca Rodriguez sets out on a journey to achieve her dream of becoming house mother after a life-altering medical diagnosis.

Pose Quotes

Blanca: How could you discriminate against me in my own community?
Mitchell: This bar is called Boy Lounge. We have a specific clientele. Gay, under 35 --
Lulu: White?!
Mitchell: Frankly, yes. The New York City night life is segregated. Look, I've got a friend. She works at the Cubby Hole. I'll call her. You guys can go and drink free all night.
Blanca: But I don't want that scene tonight --
Mitchell: I'm sorry, I'm not throwing a costume party.
Blanca: Oh this is not over.
Lulu: Bitch it was over before it started. Everybody needs somebody to make themselves feel superior. That line ends with us though. This shit runs downhill, past the women, the blacks, latins, gays, until it reaches the bottom and lands on our kind.

Stan: Why are you here? This place isn't right for you.
Angel: I make $125 a night here, and no one touches me. Don't you want me to be safe?
Stan: I get jealous. With so many men seeing you like this. Does that make you mad?
Angel: Do I look like a kept woman to you? A kept woman would be in a high rise apartment in Riverdale with a refrigerator full of groceries. And a mink coat in her closet.
Stan: Do you ever do things with guys here?
Angel: Sweetheart, a lady never tells. And I'm not appreciating your attitude. Especially considering this is the first time I'm seeing you in three weeks.
Stan: I can't stop thinking about you. At work, when I'm in bed with my wife. I drive by the piers almost every night but I get too scared to pull over.
Angel: Scared of what?
Stan: I don't like you in a place like this.