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On the series finale of Person of Interest…

The Ice-9 virus has a global effect, causing a bit of chaos.

Shaw visits Root’s grave to say goodbye but is attacked by Samaritan agents.

Fusco and Reese are about to be killed, but they are rescued by Finch.

A flashback reveals Finch and Grace on a date, and Finch talks about his father’s dementia and death. Grace tells Finch she loves him.

Reese and Finch go to the federal reserve to destroy a Samaritan backup where Finch is shot.

Finch plans to sacrifice himself to stop a final copy of Samaritan from escaping.

Finch soon learns that Reese chose to be the sacrifice, uploading the virus, and dying while fighting off Samaritan agents.

Fusco and Shaw fight off Samaritan agents while escaping on the subway train.

The Machine talks about life being precious but if you matter to someone, you’re never truly gone.

Samaritan is defeated, but a duplicate of the Machine boots up.

Finch reunites with Grace.

Shaw kills the Samaritan agent who killed Root.

Shaw gets a call from the Machine.

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