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On the season premiere of Person of Interest…

Finch continues to tinker with the Machine focusing it to protect others, not him. In case of his demise, Reese is the contingency.

After receiving another number who he thinks will lead him to Finch, Reese discovers that he's meant to help Leon and continue Finch's work.

Leon stole money from a group of the Aryan Brotherhood who try and hunt him down. Reese defeats them with his new sidekick, Bear, the dog.

The Washington D.C. officials send a man to deal with the Alicia Corwin murder and take out Reese.

The Machine decides to help Reese and gives him a clue to Root's past. Reese tells Carter that they are going to Texas.

Root reveals that she doesn't want to control the Machine, she wants to unleash it.

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The writers of the show have complately forgotten its premise. The storyline on Leon was good and worh watching but the kidnap was both silly and implausable, not to mention poorly acted. Let's get back to the real POI!