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On this week's episode of Perception…

Dr. Daniel Pierce receives a $50,000 grant from the school for his science work.

Kate Moretti get's him involved in a murder case connected to a religious group. A young boy named Kyle believes he can talk to God and people flock to his family's congregation, handing over all of their money.

The two learn that the school in Afghanistan receiving the charity money is a fake and the IRS auditor was bribed to cover it up.

Turns out, Kyle's brother's girlfriend was working with the IRS auditor and taking all of the money for themselves. She attacks Kyle after he suspects her disloyalty, and his brain bleeding reveals to the doctor that there was a tumor in his head.

Dr. Pierce had already concluded that diagnosis based on similar case involving Joan of Arc, who also happens to be his most recent hallucination.

Dr. Pierce saves Kyle and gives him his $50,000 grant money, still acknowledging that he doesn't believe in God.

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