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Keri finds out that Stephanie is accompanying her on the trip to California. She isn't happy about it. The tension between Keri and Stephanie is thick from the moment Stephanie gets on the plane. 

Stephanie is familiar with the event and some of the people there. She's an attorney as well. When speaking with a former classmate, she explains the healthcare plan Bobby is proposing, but Keri cuts her off to explain it herself. 

Keri gets drunk and avoids Stephanie. Stephanie asks Keri to help her go over the speech. She indirectly asks about Keri and Bobby's relationship and Keri gets defensive. 

Stephanie asks Keri why she's willing to settle for scraps, and Keri heads out. 

Keri gets drunk and flirts with another lawyer but then comes to Stephanie's room to call her out on staying with Bobby when she too could do better. 

The next morning Stephanie doesn't want to give the speech. She's not feeling well. Keri gives her a pep talk and asks her why she doesn't share her MS with everyone. Stephanie says she agreed to keep it quiet for Bobby. Keri encourages her to do it, but while giving the speech, Stephanie doesn't. 

On the way home, Stephanie thanks Keri for lighting a fire under her, and they try to figure out where they stand. It just is what it is with Keri telling Stephanie she loves Bobby and Stephanie saying Bobby has an addiction and there's nothing she can do about it but Keri made a choice. 

Yoli finally tells Jessica about her mother. Jessica offers to help. She wants to get Yoli in contact with a good attorney but in the meantime she'll walk Mrs. Castillo through the process. 

Jessica calls Louis for help, but he can't help her because no one will take the case unless she's seeking asyulum. 

Jessica talks to Mrs. Castillo and realizes she's hiding something, but Yoli is super protective of her mome. Jessica enlists Derrick to help hoping he can talk to Yoli and find out the truth. 

Jessica finds out that Yoli's mother killed two young gangbanges in Mexico while protecting her family. They don't know if this will help or hurt heeer case, but the truth is it. Yoli is shocked that her mother never shared any of this with her. 

Angela is mad that Jessica is helping Yoli and not the other displaced families from the projects. She decides to leave Jessica's house taking Lillian and the boys with her to live in a tent and protest the demolition. Jessica coms home to an empy arpatment. 

Nick purchases a gun and sits in the car contemplating something. Jessica tries to reach out to him, but he doesn't answer the phone.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Stephanie: I hope I'm not intruding?
Keri: Excuse me?
Stephanie: Bobby asked me to deliver the speech.

Louis: I miss you.
Jessica: I miss you too.
Louis: You do? Can you just repeat that so I can play it back to Harvey?
Jessica: Losing you!