Face Time  - Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2
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Valentina is having a hard time sleeping. She has PTSD after what happened to her parents. She has taken to sleeping in bed with Beto so she isn't alone but he doesnt get any sleep. It's affecting his school work.

He is failing his classes and has a big test to take. He asks Lucia to help him study, but she says she'll give him the answers instead.

The next day, beto waits for her to give him the answers but she gets caught up with her Friend. Her friend confronted her about acting differently and pushing her away.

She doesn't make it to Beto in time and he fails. He is put on academic probation. Lucia goes to the teachers house to fix things for Beto, but the teacher has some harsh words about the Acostas being u documented and how it makes Kit harder for those who immigrated the legal way like her family.

Lucia promises to help Beto in the future.

Emilio is trying to run the restaurant but javier has a lot to say about it. Javier tells him that oscar sometimes takes a little extra money. It makes Emilio suspect oscar of things and when he picks up on it, he quits. He can't take Emilio disrespecting him.

Val finds money in a drawer. She wants to use it to go to Mexico but Emilio uses it for more important things. When emilio talks to his mom about it he finds out she was the one who took the money.

Emilio makes amends with Oscar.

Beto has a crush on the new hostess he hired Vanessa. She's a psych student who gives him advice about Val. She sleeps with Emilio though.

Emilio hangs up his guitar. He knows he has to put his music on hold for now

Lucia befriends a homeless teen. Val has turned to God and faith but Lucia is distant from it now.

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Party of Five Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What's the matter, kiddo? You don't trust me?


Lady: Excuse me, may I ask: Which one of you does he belong to?
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: I mean, you know genetically.
Emilio and Beto: Both of us.
Lady: Now how does that work exactly? They just spin the sperm, and you never really know?
Emilio: No we're not a couple.
Beto: We're brothers. All three of us. He's our brother.
Lady: Oh well, isn't he lucky then to have his two big brothers looking after him today.
Emilio: Today and every day.
Beto: Our parents got deported.