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Leslie and Ron compete to hire one of the soon-to-be graduates when they help save the prom. Alison, a young high school student is a promising girl with a lot of potential and Leslie and Ron battle for her future summer job. In the end, Leslie realizes that the reason she's going all out to hire her is because she wants a future for the Parks department if she isn't going to be there anymore.

Ben and Tom are tasked to DJ the prom and while Tom feels as though he is more current than Ben, students end up enjoying Ben's music much more than Tom's. Tom feels saddened at the prospect of being completely out of date, but Ben reminds him he's been too busy starting two businesses to stay current with what high schoolers are into.

April and Andy attend prom, but April isn't thrilled about going. Meanwhile, Andy has a blast at prom, reminding April that she hates dances and was completely unpopular in high school because she hated everyone. April thinks there is no way her and Andy would have ended up together if they went to high school together, but Andy reminds her that high schoolers are idiots and that they're in love now. 



Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

I did a show called Zoot, Zoot Wyatt in college.


Leslie: Will you go to the prom with me?
Ben: Why, I thought you’d never ask…because we’re 40.