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Quickly, Diane, Ron's girlfriend, identifies herself as the pregnant person Andy had been looking for. Ron surprises her with a proposal and the two of them opt to get married in that very moment, heading up two floors to get a license and find someone to perform the ceremony. Leslie and April are the only witnesses.

Meanwhile, Leslie is still being recalled in Pawnee and has come up with a long term plan to gain back the public's confidence. She feels unappreciated, but April makes her feel better by telling her she is the recipient of a woman government award that she will receive in London. She goes to London with Ben, April, Andy, and Ron. Ron was supposed to be with Diane, but she had morning sickness, so he spends most of his trip mocking London and what it stands for.

Chris and Andy work to gain funding for a music program in Pawnee by pitching Lord Covington, a royal willing to listen to pitches. Lord Covington turns out to be more interested in playing helicopter tag with Andy as Ben stands by, just hoping they can talk more about business. Finally, Lord Covington agrees to fund their project, but only if Andy stays in England for a few months to help him set it up. April encourages him to stay, citing his ability to not earn a single dime for profit shining shoes as early training for working at a nonprofit.

Leslie makes a depressing speech at the award ceremony, calling the citizens of Pawnee "peeheads," letting out her frustration over the townspeople's ungrateful attitudes. Once she's back in Pawnee, April reads Leslie the letter she wrote to the award committee and Leslie, feeling much less cynical and better about her job, chases April down to give her a hug.

Additionally, Tom finds out the identity of the person trying to put him out of business. It turns out to be Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa's father, played by Henry Winkler (Dr. Saperstein). He thinks Tom is to blame for his kids' failures. Even after Tom tells him otherwise, he moves on with his plans with the store. It's making a profit and he's not backing down. Incidentally, Dr. Saperstein is also Ann and Chris's doctor.

Chris and Ann work on the next phase of their relationship. Both of them are thrilled to be together and begin to announce Ann's pregnancy to everyone at the office, but are disappointed by rather lackluster reactions. The only reaction they are thrilled by is Leslie's, but she is heavily medicated. In the end, they realize their excitement is enough and they just need each other.

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History began July 4th, 1776. Anything before that was a mistake.


This is like a waking nightmare of happiness!