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This week, Ben tries unsuccessfully to connect with the interns in his office.  His obsession with fonts causes someone on staff to draw a picture mocking him and his font preferences.  Ben then organizes a frisbee game for all of the interns and then when the picture comes up again, he confronts Ellis, one of the interns who seems to be making for of him.  Ellis blames April for the picture and April admits to making the picture and tells Ben he needs to loosen up.  Ben tells April she needs to put in more effort at work and both of them agree with the other's assessment.

Andy is training to be a police officer and trying to get in good shape.  He is working with Chris and Tom so he can run 2 miles under 25 minutes.  His motivation is clear: he loves April and wants to have a great job to support her.  Chris finds that his motivation to stay in shape is completely external.  When he breaks down, Tom suggests he try therapy and Chris agrees completely. 

In Pawnee, a soda tax is up for the vote and while Leslie is initially in favor of the tax, a town hall changes her mind when the townspeople threaten to vote her out of office if she votes yes on the tax.  She is also threatened by Kathryn Pinewood, a representative of sodas and calorie filled waters, when Pinewood says she may have to make restaurant worker layoffs if the tax passes.  Leslie struggles with her vote and seeks Ron's guidance.  Ron gives her a compass and she ends up voting for the bill to pass, which is does, in a vote of 3-2.


Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

What did you put in this sugar? It's so good!


April, Here's something to remind you of our 3 -legged dog chapion. Also, you are way better at laundry. Can you please do mine and send it back to me? Thanks, Mouse Rat rules! Love, Andy. P.S. Please hurry. I've been wearing a bandana for underwear for 3 days now.

April [reading Andy's letter]