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After a string of unsuccessful relationships, Ann tells Leslie she is now dating herself, and furthermore, wants to have a baby and be a single mother. Leslie thinks this is the wrong course of action, but still supports Ann in exploring options like a sperm bank.

When the sperm bank is ruled out, Ann compiles a list of potential donors who she knows and then interviews them. She ends up choosing Howard, a man with a douche persona, who seems intelligent only some of the time. In order to stop Ann from enlisting Howard to donate his sperm, Leslie tells Howard about Ann's plan, and he in turn broadcasts Ann's personal business all over the airwaves during his radio show. Leslie must get in a jello pit in order to get Howard to stop discussing Ann's personal life on the air.

In the end, Ann decides she needs to think more deeply about her decision before she makes it final.

Meanwhile, Ben seeks advice for a wedding caterer in all the wrong places. Tom, Ron, Chris, and Ben begin testing food and then they all get food poisoning from mini-calzones except for Tom, who refused to eat them because he didn't want to have to do this own dipping. Ben decides to choose JJ's Diner, where Leslie often gets her favorite waffles in town.

April has to lead a community meeting about the park and pretends to be Leslie in order to do so. She wears one of Leslie's suits and puts on a cheery attitude in order to face the community, but when Andy forgets to pack her suit at another meeting, she's forced to be herself. April successfully navigates the meeting and is so thrilled by the end of the episode, she burns Leslie's pants suit in celebration.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

We'll do a double date. You and you. And me and Ben!


I'm going to get 12 eggs and part of a dead animal. Dealer's choice. Please and thank you.