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Parks and Recreation Season 4

"Win, Lose, or Draw"

On Parks and Recreation, the race is too close to call as Election Day arrives. It's the season four finale.

On Parks and Recreation, Leslie heads out on a bus tour at the end of her campaign.

Leslie takes on her opponent in a live televised debate. Amy Poehler wrote and directed this episode.

Bradley Whitford guest stars on this episode of Parks and Recreation, as Leslie does all she can to save her department and not kill any dogs in the process.

Leslie gives a drunken interview this week, leading the team to do all it can to prevent others from seeing it.

"Campaign Shake-Up"

Leslie's opponent hires a high-power campaign manager from D.C. this week, while Ron interviews for Leslie's replacement.

"Sweet Sixteen"

It's Jerry's birthday on Parks and Recreation this week. Leslie throws her co-worker a special party as a result.

"Dave Returns"

The name of this episode says it all. Louis CK is back as Leslie's serious ex, Dave.

"Operation Ann"

Leslie has one mission on this episode: find Ann a date for Valentine's Day. Elsewhere, Ben asks Ron for help with something important.

"Bowling for Votes"

Leslie holds a bowling party this week in order to garner votes. April, Chris, Donna and Jerry, meanwhile, cold call potential donors.

"Campaign Ad"

Leslie and Ben clash with the latter now in charge of the former's campaign, while Chris tries to actually befriend Ron.

"Comeback Kid"

Andy and April adopt a pet on the first Parks and Recreation episode of 2012, while Ben takes up a new hobby.

"Citizen Knope"

Leslie forms a citizen action group on this holiday episode. The Parks and Recreation department, meanwhile, struggles to come up with the perfect gift for her.

"The Trial of Leslie Knope"

The title of this episode says it all. Leslie is forced to go on trial this week and defend her actions.

"Smallest Park"

Leslie has a grand idea to attract tourist this week: construct the tiniest park in Indiana.

"The Treaty"

Leslie plays host to a Model United Nations at the local high school this week, while Ron tries to find a replacement for Tom.

"End of the World"

Is the End of Days upon us?!? Yes, according to a local Pawnee group.

"Meet N Greet"

Andy and April throw a Halloween party this week. They also receive an unusual wedding present from Ron and Ann.

"Pawnee Rangers"

Leslie clashes with Ron this week, as they have different strategies for how to manage their respective clubs.

"Born & Raised"

Leslie encounters her biggest nightmare this week. Is it possible she was not born in Pawnee?!?

"Ron & Tammys"

We meet Ron's mother on this episode of Parks and Recreation. She is very similar to her son.

"I'm Leslie Knope"

Leslie is torn between her personal life and her professional life on the fourth season premiere. Meanwhile, Ron prepares for the arrival of his first wife.

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