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Parks and Recreation Season 3

"Li'l Sebastian"

An important figure in Pawnee passes away this week. Read on for a recap of the season finale.

Chris tries to reorganize the department this week. As you might expect, it doesn't go so well.

Ron teaches a lesson to a young girl this week about the importance of government. Elsewhere, Tom comes up with a game for Andy and April.

Leslie and Ann in an argument? It's a rare occurrence, but it takes place on this episode.

When the neighboring city of Eagleton puts up a fence around one of their parks, Leslie must get her former best friend (guest star Parker Posey) to take it down.

"Jerry's Painting"

Jerry's painting for the art show causes a controversy; Ben moves in with April; Leslie is frustrated with Chris and his interoffice dating rules.

Ann convinces Leslie to sign up for an online dating site; Chris challenges Ron to a burger cook-off.

"Fancy Party"

Andy and April invite everyone in the Parks Department to a dinner party, where they reveal that this was merely a way to tell everyone they're actually getting married.

Leslie take the group camping this week, while Chris returns and Andy attempts to make a romantic gesture. That's funny just to think about.

"Harvest Festival"

The time has come for Leslie and company. This episode focuses on the Harvest Festival.


Leslie and Ron take a trip to Indianapolis this week. But the visit doesn't go well for the latter, or for Ann, who eventually shows up.

"Media Blitz"

Ben takes center stage on this episode of Parks and Recreation. And flames out in a spectacular manner.

"Ron & Tammy, Part 2"

Tammy comes back into Ron's life on this episode. The damage she does to him is difficult to understand, and impossible not to laugh at.

"Time Capsule"

Leslie dedicated herself and her staff to choosing items for the town's time capsule this week. A problem arose, however, when a guy wanted to place Twilight inside of it.

"Flu Season"

Ron mentors Andy on this week's great episode. It leads to some serious male bonding between the two.

The Pawnee government remains shut down as the third season kicks off. Of course, this doesn't prevent Leslie from going through with Harvest Fest.

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