When the highly offensive Mural in City Hall gets defaced, the various departments compete to come up with a new design.  Leslie has each member of the Parks and Recreation department come up with a design, but wants to throw them all away to use Mark's sure-fired, but boring design.  The team eventually guilts her into using a collage of all of their designs, aka a camel, which loses horribly.

Meanwhile, Andy gives Ron a shoeshine and he seems to enjoy it a little too much around his bunyon area.  He keeps coming back for more until he lets out an inappropriate noise and the two try and avoid each other.

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Donna: OK, so, here's where it gets a little dicey 'cause there's not that many celebrities from Indiana. So, um, a Nascar. Uh, my friend Becky, Ron Swanson...
Leslie: Donna, who's the Jesus?
Donna: That would be Greg Kinnear.
Leslie: Do you think he's the best choice for Jesus? I mean he was great on ER.
Tom: Greg Kinnear wasn't in ER.
Leslie: Yeah he was.
Ann: I don't think that he was.
Leslie: Who am I thinking of?

We really need better security here. We also need better, less offensive history.