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Parks and Recreation Season 2

"Freddy Spaghetti"

When the government is shut down, Leslie attempts to put on the Freddy Spaghetti concert herself.

"The Master Plan"

Two state auditors (Rob Lowe and Adam Scott) comes to help slash the Parks and Recreation budget; Tom throws April a 21st birthday party.

Leslie gets the 2-6 am time slot for a Pawnee local access telethon for diabetes and enlists the help of the office.

"Summer Catalog"

Leslie invites Ron and former directors of the Parks department to a picnic to get their input for an upcoming Summer Events Catalog.

"94 Meetings"

April accidentally schedules 94 meetings for Ron Swanson on March 31st; Leslie tries to save a gazebo.

"Park Safety"

Jerry is mugged by a bunch of kids in the park this week, so Leslie meets with the head park ranger (Andy Samberg).

After Fairway Frank bites the mayor's dog, Leslie is given the task to capture the possum; Mark makes Ron fix code violations in his workshed.

"Woman of the Year"

Ron wins a "Woman of the Year" award for Leslie's work; Tom tries to become a part-owner of a night club.

"Galentine's Day"

Justin and Leslie set out to re-unite Leslie's mother (Pamela Reed) with an old flame (John Larroquette); Andy's band plays for the senior center; Tom declares his feelings to Wendy.

The Parks and Recreation department privatizes its concessions stands when it lets a local company, Sweetums, run them.

"Leslie's House"

Leslie hosts a dinner party to impress Justin and uses teachers from the Recreation Department to assist.

Will Arnett guest-starred on this week's episode. That's really all you should need to know.

"Christmas Scandal"

While designing the Pawnee Winter Wonderland Festival, Leslie gets stuck in the middle of a sex scandal she needs to hide from the press; Ron covers for Leslie at works and sees how much she does.

"Tom's Divorce"

Tom and Wendy's green card marriage comes to an end and the department takes him for a night on the town; Andy tries to hustle Mark in a game of pool.

"Hunting Trip"

When Ron and the guys go on their annual hunting trip, Leslie and the rest of the office decide to tag along.

The Parks and Recreation department tries to come up with a new mural design; Andy gives Ron the best shoeshine ever.

"Ron and Tammy"

The Parks and Recreation department may lose lot 42 (formerly the pit) to the Library unless Ron can convince his ex-wife to back down.

"Greg Pikitis"

Leslie tries to stop a local punk, Greg Pikitis, from defacing the Mayor's statue; Ann throws a Halloween party.

Leslie and Ann volunteer for Kaboom! and are inspired to fill in the pit on their own terms. They end up injuring Andy.

"Sister City"

Leslie hosts the Parks and Recreation department from Pawnee's sister city of Boraqua, Venezuela.

"The Practice Date"

Ann helps Leslie work through her obvious nerves when it comes to her first date with Dave.

"Beauty Pageant"

Leslie finds herself on the judging panel of the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant. Naturally, she has severe differences of opinion with the other panelists.

"The Stakeout"

After discovering marijuana being grown in the pit, Leslie becomes determined to find out whose crop she stumbled across.

"Pawnee Zoo"

Leslie tries to get some positive PR at the Pawnee Zoo by fake marrying its two penguins. Both of which are male.

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