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Leslie Knope is a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks & Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana, whose overzealous, go get ‘em attitude simultaneously annoys and impresses her peers and unfortunate onlookers.

She’s awkward, talks to the camera and mixes overused clichés like, “If you can’t take it in the locker room ... then you have to, umm, leave. Yep, you just gotta leave.”

She also gets plastered at work celebrations, makes out with the water guy, solves crimes and other good stuff.

In the pilot, Knope runs a community complaint session where we meet Anne Perkins (Rashida Jones). She is upset by a vacant lot that’s wasting space and has a dangerous pit - where her deadbeat boyfriend fell and broke both of his legs.

In attempt to appease Perkins' complaint, Knope pinky promises, to fix up the lot, to make it safe by erecting a park.

She’s told to give up on her dream of setting up a new park by her begrudging supervisor Ron Swanson.

Knope’s negotiating skills are awful.

When in doubt, if you don’t get your way, blackmail! Unlikely ally and office mate Mark Brendanawicz appears to have something on Swanson.

Knope, fitted with a hard hat, heads to the pit on a fact finding mission with Perkins and her sabotaging right hand man Tom Haverford.

Even though Knope falling into the pit was expected it was still a laugh out loud moment watching her tumble into the pit head over heels.

Knope and the gang celebrate in the office with champagne after finally getting approval to move forward with the parks project.

Yes, there was standing on chairs.

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