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As Ryan's about to be deployed, Amber attempts to figure out why he re-enlisted. 

The busybody women at school talk about Julia behind her back, saying Joel is the best husband ever they don't know why she would ever have an affair with Ed. After Julia ushers the kids into school she confronts them, and they all clam up.

Carl gets a lead on a big job for Sarah and she is worried about doing it. Carl tells her the only reason she hasn't done a job this big before is because she's never had a job this big before.

Oliver refuses to record with Ashes of Rome, and after they kicked him out of the house, he goes to Crosby's to stay without asking first.

Adam picks up Max at school and he seems to have no friends and all he tells Adam is he doesn't know.

Ryan goes to Amber's to get his things and she wasn't expecting to be there. He thinks they will talk, but she thinks they have nothing left to talk about.

Zeek visits Ryan before he leaves and Ryan assures him he will make it clear to Amber that Zeek had nothing to do with his re-enlisting. Ryan thanks Zeek for everything when they part.

Julia talks to Joel about her friendship with Ed and explains to him what happened. Joel reads it as them having had an emotional affair and Julia lying to Joel, despite her protest that from her perspective she felt nothing in return for Ed and that was why she went to see him to tell him there was no reciprocation if was feeling more than friendship.

Hank is in competition with Sarah for the Surf photography job. He recommends they don't actually use real surfing to shoot the campaign. Hank is very rude to Sarah when he sees her in the lobby.

Joel is unprepared with numbers at work when they're doing a walkthrough of their house with a client and Peet reads him the riot act after he mumbles something about his marriage.

Oliver is watching Jaws with Jabbar and Jasmine freaks out.

Sarah gets the job and asks Carl if it was because of him. He says he's sure it didn't hurt, but he didn't interfere and if she screws it up he'll look bad and she'll never work again.

Max lost his friendship with Micah after he called basketball stupid and Micah made new friends who play basketball and they all think Max is weird.

Zeek goes to see Amber to tell her that she needs to say goodbye to Ryan or she'll regret it forever. She tells Zeek how upset she is and that Ryan broke up with her even though she did everything Zeek told her to do -- be patient and stand by him and wait. But, he broke up with her anyway.

Max talks poorly about Sarah in front of Max.

Oliver and Jasmine have a talk and she might just give him the inspiration he needs to keep things going.

Amber says goodbye to Ryan after telling him that she's angry at him for breaking up with him, most of all because he's going someplace where she can't know he's safe and that he needs to take care of himself. 

Sarah proposes to Hank that they do the job together so she can use his equipment and studio. He wants her to say she's in over her head.

Adam and Kristina make the basketball game the best they can for Max, complete with foam fingers.

Oliver writes a song for Jasmine and tell her that if he ever gets married he wants to marry a younger version of her.

Zeek and Amber sit by his fire pit, assuring each other it will be OK.

Julia asks Joel if they can see a marriage counselor and Joel won't. He doesn't want to fix it.


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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Max has lost his only friend at school and kids at school are starting to notice his differences and he's all alone.


You know what I'm thinking for the holidays? He and your mother stayin' here. Bunk beds.