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Max and Hank are hanging out and Max inquires about Hank and Sarah when he finds a photo in her desk.
Amber is hanging with Ashes of Rome when Ryan shows up talking about the wedding.
There is a Braverman family dinner and Camille announces her Italy trip.
Sarah confronts Hank about his conversation with Max and Hank gets angry enough to break off his friendship with Max.
Amber offers to Adam and Crosby to throw an event for Ashes of Rome where Oliver's ego could be stroke so he would record as well as when he plays live.
Julia freaks out on the kids and calls Joel for help, but he doesn't have time for her. She then receives a text from Ed, which makes her laugh.
Amber asks Kristina to tell her about the day Adam proposed, and Amber seemed confused again.
Camille tells Julia Zeek has always been such a big presence in their marriage that she forgets they're two different people.
Oliver almost chokes at the Ashes of Rome event, but it goes great.
Drew's friend tells him that their night was just a hookup.
Adam confronts Zeek about Italy and Zeek admits he wasn't invited.
Julia calls Ed to talk.
Ryan gives Amber a proper proposal with a ring.
The chick shows up at Drew's room for a booty call again.
Camille leaves for Italy and within minutes Zeek is in over his head at home.
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Julia: I didn't come here to talk.
Joel: No you didn't. Ah. Wow. This is a first.
Julia: I mean, if you don't have time...
Joel: Oh no. I have time.

I will tell you the real reason I am not going. OK? I was not invited.