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Julia and Joel meet Zoe's boyfriend.

Adam tells Crosby that he and Rachel kissed.

Jabbar asks Crosby and Jasmine when they're getting married.

Amber is struggling to make ends meet.

Adam tells Kristina that he and Rachel kissed, and promised to fire her. He did not.

Crosby and Adam continue to use the sound booth as a sounding board for their family issues.

Zeek is impressed with Crosby's parenting skills.

Jasmine and Crosby are parenting together as adults. They made love.

Joel and Julia's dreams start to fall apart.



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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Mmmmm. My wife picturing our birth father stripping. That's a little weird for me.


Adam: Should I or should I not tell Kristina.
Crosby: Well, yeah, of course you should tell Kristina. She's gonna love this story. You can walk her through why you were at her place and how soft her lips were and whether or not you got aroused downstairs...and she's probably feeling great about herself post baby, so I think this will go over great. But, you'll be guilt free and she'll spiral into a dark depression.