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Parenthood Season 3

"My Brother's Wedding"

On the season three finale, the Bravermans all gather for a major family event. Sarah, meanwhile, arrives at a conclusion about her future.

"Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You"

A lot goes down on this episode of Parenthood, from a new baby to an appealing offer to a major fight.

"Tough Love"

Sarah opens up to her kids this week about her plan to have a child. Elsewhere, Max makes a new pal.


Parenthood enters the political arena on this episode. Read on for a full recap of the aptly titled "Politics."

"It is What it Is"

Crosby gets extra close to Lily on Parenthood this week, while Adam struggles with how to pay tuition at Cornell.

"Just Smile"

Crosby feels left out this week after Adam receives attention from a local newspaper. Elsewhere, Amber adapts to her new job.

"Road Trip"

Adam bonds with Haddie during a road trip this week, as the family goes to visit Zeek's mother.


It's every parent's worst nightmare. Max goes missing on this week's episode of Parenthood.

"Mr. Honesty"

Crosby and Jasmine help Jabbar understand their relationship this week. Elsewhere, Amber has concerns about her future.

"Sore Loser"

Sydney acts out during a game of charades this week on Parenthood. Elsewhere, Adam has an uncomfortable run-in with Rachel.


Seth crashes with Amber this week, while Adam and Kristina face their own challenge: restarting their sex life.

"Forced Family Fun"

Kristina aims for a fun family night this week, but it doesn't go as planned. Crosby, meanwhile, worries about getting replaced.

"Tales From the Luncheonette"

Cee Lo Green stops by Parenthood this week. Elsewhere, Mark has concerns over Seth's role in Sarah's life.


It's baby time on Parenthood this week! Ready to welcome a new Braverman into the family?

"Clear Skies From Here on Out"

Jabbar and Max get into a fight this week on Parenthood, while Zeek kicks off his show business career. Read on for a recap.

"Step Right Up"

Sarah attempts to maintain a connection to her daughter, even though Amber wants her independence. Elsewhere, Jasmine goes on a date.

"Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby..."

Kristina grows concerned over Max this week on Parenthood. Elsewhere, Julia acts a bit irrationally.

"I Don't Want to Do This Without You"

The Parenthood season three premiere picks up a few months after events on the season two finale. Read on for a recap.

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